Getting a professional-sounding mic across your whole system

A slightly more advanced approach to getting a noise-reduced, gated, compressed audio signal. Aimed at people that have never done this before.

Getting a professional-sounding mic across your whole system
Photo by Jason Rosewell / Unsplash

My previous post about using OBS to process audio for streaming and discord got reasonably good traction.

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While it is simple, and uses software people already understand, it has some limitations - especially when it comes to monitoring sources like overlays that you don't want blaring through your microphone on-call, and an inability to hear your processed voice using the built-in monitor functions.

With that in mind, I have put together an updated guide:

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This guide is an approach to clean up the signal coming from your mic across your whole system. It u...

It uses a little bit more software, is a little bit more trouble to set up, but provides a processed signal to all windows applications. This is the nearest thing to simply having a completely clean and balanced signal coming directly from your interface.

As with the previous guide, this is not the 'be-all-end-all' guide for audio processing. Some of my choices for gating/compression are not ideal, but they are intended to be relatively easy to implement and understand. I would be very happy to get any feedback from both people that have used the guide (Discord or Twitter), or have opinions on how to get a more 'ideal' sound through the processing chain.